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Populus was formed with a simple idea in mind: in order
to succeed, organisations, businesses and brands must first understand what matters most to the people who matter
most to them.

Populus Perspective   |   June 16

Populus's referendum night guide

Our final poll, the councils to watch on referendum night and our round-up of the best analysis from Populus and elsewhere.

Reputation & Strategy   |   March 16

Polls apart

An investigation into the differences between phone and online polling for the UK’s EU membership referendum

Business & Consumer Insight   |   May 16

Price, service and switching: the truth about energy customer behaviour

In our latest research report ‘The sluggish, the savvy and the downright promiscuous – the truth about energy customer behaviour’, we explore how factors like service, price and incentives affect energy supplier loyalty and to what extent.

Populus Perspective   |   Jun 16

EU referendum: the latest polls and predictions

Today, on the final day of the campaign, the polls suggest Remain has the smallest of advantages over the Brexit campaign.

Populus Perspective   |   Jun 16

Less than a week to go and still ‘nothing’ remains top EU referendum news story

Having now carried out the last of our EU TTMN polls, we can officially confirm that the run-away most noticed referendum news story is…’nothing’.

Reputation & Strategy   |   Jun 16

The English question

Our analytics expert discusses why the EU Referendum is above all a question of Englishness.

Populus Perspective   |   Jun 16
May Podium

Business Top Ten Most Noticed - May 2016

Last month the collapse of BHS - the biggest high street bust since the collapse of Woolworths in 2008 - dominated business news.

Reputation & Strategy   |   Jun 16

The seven secrets of a viral hit

From the latest ‘shocking video’, to new ‘heart-warming stories’, or celebrities, business leaders, and politicians ‘speaking out’, the stories that trend, go viral, and capture attention on social media change constantly.

Populus Perspective   |   Jun 16

Public expect Remain victory by 3-1 margin, and Brexit supporters anticipate defeat

A majority of both MPs and members of the public, regardless of the outcome they would personally prefer, believe that the result of the upcoming EU referendum is going to be a Remain victory.

Reputation & Strategy   |   Jun 16

Which new MPs have most impressed their colleagues since the 2015 election?

The composition of the House changed significantly following the last General Election. But which of the 182 new MPs has made the biggest contribution so far? We asked their fellow Members on the Populus MP Panel to tell us.

Omnibus   |   Jun 16

Millennial diners on the look-out for meat-free options and ethical standards

Research findings for WWF-UK reveal 18-34 year olds are more likely to eat at restaurants where they are told about how their food arrived on their plate.

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